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Email Marketing: More or Less?

Liz & Sandro discuss reasons you may want to send out more email, or less email to your base. Liz mentions a past episode on how to improve your email open rates. You can find that episode here. Episode 0276   Email Marketing: More or Less? Sandro: [00:00:03] Welcome...

Comparing SEO Tools

Today Sandro goes over a comparison of three powerful SEO tools: Moz, SEMrush and Ahrefs. He discusses pros & cons for each. Episode 0275 Comparing SEO Tools: Moz, SEMrush & Ahrefs Liz: [00:00:03] Hey there! Welcome back to Liz & Sandro's Marketing Podcast where we...

Rise of the No Click Search

A recent blog post by Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz and new startup SparkToro talked about the rise of the "No Click Search." Today Liz & Sandro discuss what the research says and what it may mean for the future of search. Episode 0274 Rise of the No Click Search Liz:...

What is Lifetime Customer Value?

Recently Sandro has been hearing more and more about customer lifetime value (CLV or often CLTV), lifetime customer value (LCV), or life-time value (LTV). Today he & Liz go over what it is, how you can find it and why it's important. Episode 0273 What is Lifetime...

3 Big Social Media Updates

Since we've been gone for four months, much has happened in the world of social media. Today Sandro updates us on three of those happenings including stricter organic reach numbers from Facebook, a new bookmarking option from Twitter & the end to automated tweeting of...

Snapchat’s Infamous Update

We're back! After a four month hiatus and a rebranding effort (that is actually still underway) we are back and ready to dive right in. Today Liz talks about the infamous Snapchat update. Episode 0271 Snapchat's Infamous Update Liz: [00:00:03] Hey there welcome to Liz...

Meet the Hosts

Liz Hersh

Liz Hersh

Diving into entrepreneurship at the young age of 23, Liz Hersh was determined to create and execute a better approach to attracting clients and customers. Establishing Hersh PR & Marketing in 2009, Liz quickly built a reputation for an understanding of and ability to capitalize on digital media.

Her leadership and knowledge led to fast adaptation of diverse social media platforms and effective implementation of targeted campaigns for small- to mid-size companies. Today, Liz focuses her efforts on high-level business strategy and client relations. Her talent for assessing client needs and designing customized marketing solutions to close gaps and drive growth keeps buyers coming back for more.

Sandro Galindo

Sandro Galindo

Sandro Galindo is a digital marketer focusing on search engine marketing & optimization. He just celebrated his 11th Twitterversary and was named by WKYC in 2009 as one of the 10 Most Interesting Twitterers in NE Ohio (though he’s pretty sure his mom stuffed the ballot). He started in digital marketing by handling social media marketing for small businesses and eventually expanded into event marketing and finally SEO.

He is the founder of SouperBowl CLE, a soup crawl and competition and co-founder of a nachos & margarita festival coming soon later this year.

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