Recently Facebook announced your website’s speed matters. Specifically, they said if your website loads quickly on its mobile app, the link to your webpage might appear higher in your feed. Sandro goes over some of the specifics and how to check & optimize your site.

Sandro mentions two lists Facebook offers to help check your site speed and also to help make your site faster. You’ll find those here.

And he also mentions the actual blog post Facebook put out announcing the need for speed. You’ll find that here.

Episode 0256

Facebook: Speed Matters

Liz: [00:00:04] Hello and welcome back 60 second marketing I’m Liz Hersh I’m here with my co-host Sandro Galindo. We are the podcast that gives you marketing advice and insight on social media, websites, reputation Management and so much more in less time than it takes to perfect your winged eyeliner. Today Sandro is going to be giving you a bit of an update on Facebook and why your Web site speed matters.

Sandro: [00:00:27] At the beginning of this month of August Facebook dropped news that they would heretofore begin judging your web site on how fast it loads. If it takes too long, then the number of times it shares a post to your web site may decrease. To quote Facebook, “As many as 40% of web site visitors abandon a site if it takes more than three seconds to load.” Which from an SEO standpoint that’s also something Google has advised and they too penalize slow loading Web sites, generally anything three seconds or longer. To quote Facebook’s recent posts again, “If signals indicate a web page will load quickly, the link to that web page might appear higher in your news feed.

Sandro: [00:01:07] This update will only impact the mobile Facebook app and mobile sites. How can you keep your website zipping along? Facebook has 10 specific recommendations. They’re all pretty technical. And in addition they give you five ways for you to check how fast your website is loading. The top recommendation they have is Google’s page speed insights which is something we’ve mentioned in the past to help your SEO. We will link to these lists in our shows and on our new Web site.

Sandro: [00:01:36] Two last questions you may have, when will this roll out? They don’t say exactly but as with everything Facebook it’s probably going to be a gradual rollout. And finally, will this affect you? Right now it’s hard to say but this is just another reminder, as if Google telling you to do this wasn’t enough, just another reason for you to test, check, and optimize your Web site to make sure it’s as fast as possible and not annoying people with slow load times.

Liz: [00:02:02] This really does matter and we should probably do an episode and give a little bit of insight on hosting and how that affects Site speed because it all ties in together. So thanks for this update and thank you for joining us. Don’t forget to subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Join the conversation at the 60 Second Marketing Facebook group. You can also check us out on Twitter & Instagram and send us your questions. Thanks so much, we’ll talk to you soon.