Google has debuted a new feature, a crowd-sourced and business-sourced Q&A section to your small business’ Google listing. Today Sandro goes over what it is, what you can do with it and more importantly, what you SHOULD be doing with it.

Sandro discusses Mike Blumenthal’s post 11 Tips to Optimize for Google Q&A.

Ep 259

Google’s New Q&A Feature

Liz: [00:00:05] Hey there welcome back to 60 second marketing I’m Liz Hersh, I’m here with my co-host Sandro Galindo we are the only marketing podcast that offers you insight and advice on social media, Web sites, reputation Management and so much more on the time it takes to order your uber today Sandro has an update on the Google Q&A feature.

Sandro: [00:00:26] Thanks Liz. A few weeks ago Google began rolling out a new product for businesses called Questions and Answers. Basically this is a crowdsourced and business sourced Q and A about your business. People can submit questions to the Google listing for your business and you as the business owner and/or your customers can answer them. If you’ve ever scrolled down far enough on any item on Amazon you’ve probably noticed the customer questions and answers section. This Google Q&A is similar to that and just like that there will probably be many questions asked. Some of the questions Google thinks small businesses will get include: What dishes should I try? What should I definitely do or see? How much seating is there for large groups or special events? Are service animals allowed? Can I bring my kids here? Where should I look for parking? Et cetera.

Sandro: [00:01:13] So, what should you do for your small business now that this is rolling out? Well someone else has answered this better than I could. Local SEO guru Mike Blumenthal and we’ll link to his post on the 11 tips to optimize for this new feature. But I’ll point out three of the 11 including the first two, get out in front of them and start now. They mean start working now to come up with the questions you hear all the time from customers. Write and answer the questions as best you can. As Mike points out this will give your early posts a better chance to be up-voted by people as the best questions and answers. And also, the third one, monitor your places knowledge panel for new questions. That means just keep checking for new questions. If the questions are legitimate, you should be the first to answer and it will be noted as an answer from the business owner.

Sandro: [00:02:01] Again those are just three of the 11 tips Mike has and they’re all worth reading. But the bottom line is you need to be ready for this and be out in front of it. The only downside: this is only available on Google Maps for Android as of this taping. Google is doing this so they can monitor the quality of the content but this will soon be available for every mobile browser. So for now if you have an iPhone, you may want to borrow a friend or employee’s Android phone to test it out and keep checking daily to see when it’s available for everyone.

Liz: [00:02:31] Yet another Google feature that you’re going to need to keep on your radar so go in there. Play with this. Set a reminder on your calendar to keep it updated because these things are really, really important for visibility for sure. Thank you for joining us. That wraps up today’s episode. Don’t forget to subscribe on your favorite podcast app. You can connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and send us your questions so we give you a shout out on the show. Thanks so much. We’ll see you next time.