Our final episode recorded from Baldwin Wallace University. Today Liz & Sandro talk to Matt Harris, a marketing major at BW who also has his own video production company. Matt asks questions about marketing his business & shares how he got his first lead spending $7 on a Facebook boost.

Episode 0322

A Conversation w Digital Marketing Students Part 2


Liz: [00:00:00] Hey there, welcome back to Liz and Sandro’s Marketing Podcast. Today is our third and final episode recording at Baldwin Wallace University. We have another great conversation with one of the students from their content marketing class and we hope you enjoy it.

Sandro: [00:00:19] Who’s next? One More? Matt?

Liz: [00:00:22] Come on down. All right So introduce yourself. Your major. All that good stuff.


Matthew Harris


Matthew: [00:00:27] So my name is Matthew Harris. I’m a senior at Baldwin-Wallace and I study marketing and film. I grew up in Akron and. Yeah.

Liz: [00:00:36] Awesome.

Sandro: [00:00:37] There’s a film department here?

Matthew: [00:00:38] Yeah. I ended up actually having to drop to a minor because I wasn’t going to graduate on time. But I stuck to the same major at heart because I have so many credits in the program. So there’s only about 50 kids. I don’t know how that compares to the marketing program here. There’s probably what 75?

Matthew: [00:01:08] But I would say that business school has a lot more resources to pull from in terms of connections and whatnot than the film. So I thought that it would be better for me to stay with the marketing major. I could get a little bit more value out of those classes than the film ones because film’s very hands on. So you learn a lot as you go. And, it just seemed like they had a lot more real world applications within the marketing program that I could use and not as much from the film.

Liz: [00:01:18] Makes sense.

Sandro: [00:01:19] Who’s your client?


Real World Client


Matthew: [00:01:20] So pretty much it’s a cluster of car dealerships.

Sandro: [00:01:24] Marketing the app or building the app?

Matthew: [00:01:25] So yeah me & Bri are, pr Bri & I are on the content team and we’re building the app as well but that’s through the computer science program here. Well we don’t know if it’s an app or a web site yet. We’re still kind of, figuring that out still. So we’ve teamed up with a group from the graphic design and then a group from the computer science. And then two of us for the marketing. And then we have two other teammates Sara & . . . who’s our last one?

Jordan: [00:01:50] Hello?

Matthew: [00:01:50] Oh, Jordan! My bad Jordan. But my question for you guys is: so when I graduate I’m looking to just continue running my own video production company. And when I think about my marketing strategy and some of the things I want to do with it, one area that I kind of struggle with is finding a specific target market. So for me I’ve done a lot of projects for various people a lot of word of mouth referrals. So there hasn’t been like one specific group that I’ve really been able to pinpoint. I think I’m like alright if I’m going to write content who am I writing the content to? And I just don’t know who to write that to. And that’s one things I struggle with. So I would at least ask for you guys if you had any advice on that.


Buyer Personnas


Liz: [00:02:36] Yes I have lots of thoughts on this because I’m to borrow from HubSpot and the buyer persona terminology, I’m a huge fan of this. And I will say honestly for the first couple of years you will probably bumble around. It’s hard. It’s really hard. For me personally I have been very disciplined and whenever something pops into my head I jot it down. And I go I go back and update for Hersh PR the buyer persona.

Liz: [00:02:59] At this point, I really only have one. And it’s pretty lengthy. It’s probably a good seven pages at this point. But, you know even three years ago it was not as robust and I was oh my gosh who am I. You know I just don’t know. And I think. As you grow as a business and you as mature as a business owner and you figure out who you like to work with, that’ll come about naturally.

Liz: [00:03:30] So when I’m working with clients and they’re either a brand new client or they’ve never gone through this exercise before, yes it’s OK. Let’s brainstorm. And let’s put something on paper even if it’s just a start. You know and I tell them what I’ve just told my buyer personna is seven pages long now. It was not when I first started. It was probably half a page. But it’s evolved. It’s grown. I’ve really honed in on who I want to work with and I tried to speak to them as much as possible.

Liz: [00:03:59] You know that all trickles down into the marketing messages on your website and on social media. Drives the content but yeah I know it’s not easy at first. And you’ll probably flounder a little bit and get frustrated. But just make those mental notes and over time you will grow your buyer personna.


Wedding Market


Sandro: [00:04:16] Do you do weddings? I feel like the wedding market is a huge. . .

Matthew: [00:04:18] Yeah. I’m definitely not opposed to doing weddings. I’ve done two so far. And I might be doing like a bridal or a baby shower wedding party this weekend.

Liz: [00:04:29] Nice!

Matthew: [00:04:30] The woman is a little slow on getting back to me. I sent her the proposal e-mail I talked to her on the phone sent her the proposal and then she drew in her spam & was like, I didn’t get it. So these are going a little slow on her end. But let’s hope that that happens.

Matthew: [00:04:45] But yes so weddings are definitely, I mean I don’t want to just be stuck in weddings and I like more business to business. And documentary style stuff is definitely what I prefer. But weddings are definitely a good cash generator and I don’t mind doing them. So you know a couple of those a year you know once a month that would be great.

Sandro: [00:05:03] They’re a lot of work to edit, right? That’s mainly the big time to them anyhow?

Matthew: [00:05:07] Yeah, but I mean once you kind of get the hang of it like you can almost have like a kind of like a set template that you can use.

Liz: [00:05:14] For sure.

Matthew: [00:05:14] Knock out the wedding. And so your workflow process gets a lot easier as you learn.


$7 Lead via Facebook


Liz: [00:05:20] Definitely. Yeah. You’ll probably figure out, you know, OK wedding season is coming or you know the brides are booking two years in advance at this point. So you know like when you’re going to need to advertise on Facebook or Instagram and what that message looks like. And you could have a lot of that on auto pilot, so. . .

Matthew: [00:05:37] Yeah. I was really excited because after I filmed the wedding I had a couple of shots of me like shooting the wedding and then I just threw together this like 10 15 second video. And I boosted it on Facebook for, I think I did $7. So one dollar a day and I got a message saying somebody was interested & wanted to see some of my work. So I was like so thrilled. I was like jumping up and down I was like, “First Content Marketing lead ever!” It was really exciting day.

Liz: [00:06:04] That is good. So, and you know I’m all about the numbers and the data.

Matthew: [00:06:08] Yeah.

Liz: [00:06:08] So You spent $7 to get a lead.

Matthew: [00:06:11] Yeah.

Liz: [00:06:11] You know and and you’ll have to see if it actually pans out into a paying client. You know then my mind immediately goes to OK so what is your cost to acquire a client? Like if you could acquire a client for $7, that’s amazing!

Matthew: [00:06:24] I would be so happy. I would be loving life.


Good ROI?


Liz: [00:06:27] Good stuff!

Matthew: [00:06:28] The marketing return on investment would just be the best. What do you guys typically want on a return on investment for a marketing plan say if you want to spend X amount of dollars, how much do you guys typically want in return? Or your clients.

Sandro: [00:06:43] Some of them want a lifetime value. They take the lifetime value of a client like they know a client will come to them for 10 years for oil changes let’s say. So they’ll measure based on things like that. So it really depends on what the client wants. But, do you have an answer?

Liz: [00:07:00] Not a good one honestly. I mean I’m all about the numbers, the data. We pull reports for clients. To be quite honest I have clients who have said, “stop sending me these. I don’t look at them.” Which kind of blows me away sometimes. I have other clients who are very data driven and I appreciate that. So going back to buyer personnas actually, one of the things that I really look for is clients who, because what we do is it’s it’s big picture, it’s long term. You know if I’m if someone is like I need an ROI on my marketing in a month. Well, you know, that’s just, you know we, we’re looking at the big picture.

Liz: [00:07:39] You know I have clients who years ago were like, “Yep let’s let’s do the Twitter thing.” Or “let’s do the Instagram thing.” And you know it was it was, I don’t want to say a leap of faith. But they just, they knew that that’s where the market was headed and they knew that we weren’t going to be seeing tons of revenue for it. But but now we’re starting to see the traction. We’re starting to see the results from it.

Liz: [00:07:59] And it’s Sandro has, well, it’s been a while but, we, we’ve mentioned it. I don’t know if we’ve done a whole episode on it but it’s it’s it’s really hard to track the value of social you know directly back to sales. Like there are tools that are great that help with that but it’s never 100 percent. So I guess, let me sum up by saying this: We set goals. We keep an eye on them. As long as we’re inching towards them, my clients tend to be pretty happy. So, yeah.


Ask: What Is My Goal?


Sandro: [00:08:29] And I would urge you each to ask your clients what is my goal? What is the goal of your marketing agency? Every client has a different answer. I have a client that’s a church & a school. And I’m like is there, is the goal to get more seats. People in the seats on Sunday mass? Is it to get more students to the Catholic Church to the Catholic school. And they think they haven’t given me an answer yet to this day. You know you want to know is it to sell more tickets. I have a bone broth client that sells bone broth. Their time, their goal is just awareness not sales like my job to sell more, it’s just awareness.

Liz: [00:09:01] I had a client hire me because he wanted his, something like “I want to take one more day off a week and I want you to do the marketing.” Like he’s like “I don’t want to do it anymore I want you to do it.” I was like OK. So that’s what we do for him. You know and his business continues to grow. He’s happy he’s the one that asked me not to send reports to him anymore because he he wasn’t looking at the sales like number by number, ROI, percentages or anything like, he was like “I just you know I don’t want to do it. I want one day off I want you to do it, so.” Yeah. That’s a good point. What What does the client want because every client’s going to be different.

Matthew: [00:09:38] Thank you.