A big part of SEO is link-building. But did you know not all links are created equal? Today Sandro goes over the difference (and it’s an important one) between follow and no-follow links.

Episode 0228

The Difference Between Follow and No-Follow Links

Liz: [00:00:06] Hey there welcome back to 60 second marketing I’m Liz Hirsch and I’m here with my co-host Sandro Galindo. We are the only digital marketing podcast offering tips and tricks in the time it takes to enjoy your morning bagel. Today Sandro is going to be talking about no follow versus follow links for SEO.

Sandro: [00:00:24] In the world of search engine optimization one of the biggest things he can do to help boost your web site’s visibility is link building. That is securing as many good links pointing back to your site as possible. As we’ve talked about many times in the past there are several ways to do this including guest blogging on other sites, pitching a story to a news person, donating to a local fundraiser or asking groups you are already a part of like the local chamber of commerce or Kiwanis Club to link to you. All these links can give you some great Google link juice. However there are two types of links you should be aware of. They are follow and no follow links. Here’s a difference. No follow links. Do not give you any google link juice. These links do not count as a point in your site’s favor. They don’t help your search engine results. Google does not notice these links. Theirs is a sad and lonely life. Follow links do give you google love and count towards your pages ranking. So where did no follow come from. And why do we have them. They came around in 2005 as a response to the amount of spam out there. Before no-follow links were created, people would post their links in a news story as comments many many times clogging up comment boards. Another reason to use no-follow links, is if someone paid you to post something about their product. But you didn’t want to be penalized by Google for taking money for links, you could use a no-follow link.

Sandro: [00:01:50] Another reason, if you’re writing about a product or service and you don’t want to be seen as endorsing them you can link to them via a no follow link. So are no follow links bad? Definitely not. While a follow link is optimal, a well-placed and relevant link in the comments section of a blog can drive traffic to your site and that’s important. While it may not count towards Google people may notice it and click over to your site. How can you tell if a link is follow or no follow. Right click on the web page in your browser and click View Source there do a search via the Find function for anything that says no follow. Type it in. All one word. Bottom line most links are good links but when your link building spend the majority of the time looking for follow links.

Liz: [00:02:36] I love this. It gets a little technical but this is really important stuff to know if you’re trying to build good SEO juice with Google and other search engines. Thanks for sharing. That wraps up today’s episode. Don’t forget to subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Join the conversation at the 60 second marketing Facebook group. We are also on Twitter Instagram and we will see you next time.