Recently Facebook announced an expansion of its Craigslist-like Marketplace in terms of its offerings and who can sell on it. Sandro goes over the recent updates and what Facebook’s overall goal may be.

Sandro mentions Ep 116 which can be found here.

Episode 0257

Facebook Marketplace Update

Liz: [00:00:02] Hey there! I’m Liz Hersh, I’m here with Sandro Galindo and together we are 60 second marketing the podcast that gives you advice and insight on marketing in the time it takes to brush your teeth. Today Sandro has an update on the Facebook marketplace.

Sandro: [00:00:18] So some news on the Facebook marketplace front. Facebook is expanding what it offers and who is allowed to sell in its marketplace. We covered marketplace in Episode 116 back in November. But if you’re not sure what it is it’s basically Facebook’s answer to Craigslist. A place you can sell everything from clothing to cars to backpacks to bicycles, generally all used products. But now Facebook is looking to expand its marketplace. And currently they aren’t sure what’s going to be popular so they’re throwing everything they can into it to see what sticks.

Sandro: [00:00:51] A few of the things they’ll be doing is allowing businesses to sell in the marketplace where before it was only individuals who could sell today. Everyone is welcome. They’ll also be folding job postings into marketplace. They’ll also be offering daily deals as part of an arrangement with eBay. A couple of more categories marketplace will be tracking are ticket sales and products from retailers own shopping Facebook pages. One area that’s been popular for Facebook has been auto sales. So they’re going to begin allowing and featuring cars for sale from a local used car dealerships. It’s also looking do the same with real estate listings. One thing everyone is wondering about is who will Facebook be partnering with to begin offering all of these new things and they’re not currently saying who. In addition one thing they are not going to be pushing into right now is payments while they’ll connect buyer and seller, the actual transaction will happen off-site.

Sandro: [00:01:47] All of this points to one thing and that is Facebook has tried for years to keep commerce happening inside its walls but with little success. With this new expanded marketplace it seems they’re dipping their toes into the water once again and hope you as a small business owner will consider selling your products through Facebook.

Liz: [00:02:05] Personally I don’t use Facebook marketplace a ton but I know a lot of people that do so definitely have this on your radar and keep up with what’s going on. That wraps up today’s episode. Thanks for joining us. Don’t forget to subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and send us your questions so we can give you a shout out on the show. Thanks so much. We’ll see you next time.