Have you considered placing ads within Facebook Messenger’s app? Over 10% of the world’s population uses FB Messenger each month. Liz goes over how to reach people on this popular app and a few reasons why you may want to consider it.

Liz also mentions a few ways to learn more about Facebook Ads Manager, Custom Audiences & the FB Pixel. We recommend Jon Loomer’s site and short video tutorials. You can view them here.

Episode 0305

Facebook Messenger Ads

Sandro: [00:00:02] Welcome back to Liz and Sandro’s Marketing Podcast. We’re the podcast that wants to help your small business grow through all things digital marketing including social media, reputation management, web design and so much more. Today Liz is going to give us an overview of Facebook Messenger advertising.

Liz: [00:00:19] Yes so we’ve talked in detail about Facebook advertising but more from a general perspective and some of the types of campaigns that you can run. What we haven’t got into is Messenger. I think we’ve kind of briefly mentioned it here and there but Messenger is really big. Just a couple stats for you that I found. Apparently 11 percent of the world’s population uses messenger each month. So that’s a decent amount of people. And there are a billion B2C messages sent each month using messenger. So my point is consumers are using Facebook Messenger to communicate.

First Impressions of Messenger Ads

Liz: [00:00:57] So as I was preparing for this episode did a lot of readings add a lot of digging and some testing. My impression is that the way that you can utilize Messenger is going to vary depending on the type of campaign you choose. And also I saw some discrepancies from what I was reading and what I was seeing in my own account. And I think that’s probably because there are different versions of Facebook I’ve heard that there’s even up to 100 different versions. So you know they’re testing different features different tools. And I may have something that another account doesn’t. So keep that in mind.

Sandro: [00:01:32] So 100 versions running at the same time you’re saying?

Liz: [00:01:34] Yes. Yeah. And I’ve I’ve run into that where I’m on the phone with a client and I’m like, “OK go to the left sidebar and click this.” And they’re like, “I don’t see it!” So that can definitely occur. So keep that in mind.

Liz: [00:01:47] I will also note that based on my experience Messenger ads is for probably a more advanced user. Someone who’s pretty comfortable with the ad ad platform. . . Has been in there and knows some of the nuances because there are some nuances to navigating the the Ads M Manager. And we’re, what I’m going to talk about today. It absolutely involves tracking pixels and custom audiences. So if you’re not familiar with those those tools within the Facebook manager platform we’ll include some links in our show notes so you can get up to speed on those as well.

Where To Start

Liz: [00:02:27] So advertising within the messenger piece of Facebook is very similar to if you were to start a regular lead generation campaign or traffic campaign. A lot of the times what we’re doing for clients is when we go to the Ads Manager click the Create a New Ad button. And that Objective page comes up. We often click Traffic. We’re often driving traffic to an external landing page. Again advertising within Messenger can occur within that traffic. Again in my account I saw an option just for Messenger. So in what you see me may vary a little but generally speaking you know it’s there you’ve got to get in get in there and play around and see what you see.

Liz: [00:03:11] If you are familiar with this tool you’ll notice Facebook often suggests the default placements. A lot of times I’m going in and selecting the button that says Edit Placements and then the whole menu drops down and that’s where you can select: News Feed, Right Column, Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories. You know Messenger is within that block. So keep that in mind. And then if your Messenger box is selected, that’s where you can serve your ads within Messenger. You can certainly turn it off if you want to. So my point is all of these messaging targeting options and tools are built within the ads manager platform. I definitely recommend getting in there and starting to play around with what the ad looks like, what your message is and how that starts to convert.

Sandro: [00:04:05] So you can’t create a Messenger Ad inside of Messenger, correct? You have to go into the Facebook Ads?

Liz: [00:04:10] Correct. Yes. Any any advertising within Messenger yes you go to the Ads Manager platform definitely.

Three Reasons Why: Start a Conversation

Liz: [00:04:19] So I wanted to give a couple examples of how this can work in action. So I’ve got three for you. First up is simply starting a conversation. This is a great way to ease people into your brand and keep the conversation within the Facebook app. We know that many people when they’re on Facebook that’s where they want to stay. And we also know that Facebook would prefer people to stay within the app as well. So this, think of this in terms of the call to action.

Liz: [00:04:49] Again if you’re familiar with how Facebook ads work you can choose what button you know you can select. Learn More. Book Now. One or the other option to Message Us. So again the intent is to start a conversation, start a dialogue directly with someone who is interested in your product or your service. This appears within Messenger. Boom. They see the option to message now and you can again start having that conversation.

Re-engage Old Leads

Liz: [00:05:15] Another way that you can use this is to reengage old leads. Now this type of campaign again is going to require some tracking code and a little bit of planning on your part. This type of campaign could address for example shopping cart abandonment. It utilizes dynamic product ads with some if/then conditioning to target the individual if they place something in their shopping cart but didn’t purchase. Or if they landed on the specific page the purchase page but didn’t actually complete the purchase.

Liz: [00:05:45] This is again to reengage them through messenger and the intent is to open a dialogue. Maybe they had more questions. Maybe they weren’t entirely ready to make the purchase. So sending something, sending them something through Messenger to open the dialogue, better nurture their lead. That’s that’s really the intent here with, with reengaging old leads.

Sandro: [00:06:05] Maybe their credit card was in the other room & they didn’t want to get up.

Liz: [00:06:07] There you go. Yes. You know how I feel about those free trials.

Re-engagement Messages

Liz: [00:06:12] And finally reengagement messages. This allows you to send a targeted message to people who have already engaged with you in a Messenger conversation. So maybe they, again sent you something. Maybe you traded some messages and it’s been a couple of months since you heard anything. I did a lot of reading and people likened this tool to what you see on LinkedIn where you can send targeted messages. But those messages are cold. So I get them in my inbox all the time you know someone. . .

Sandro: [00:06:46] On LinkedIn?

Liz: [00:06:47] On LinkedIn. Yeah You know it’s a cold message about you know, obtaining a line of credit from a bank or something you know. So it’s focused it’s targeted it’s theoretically not completely irrelevant to me but in Facebook Messenger this product or this tool is designed to reach people who have already engaged in a conversation with you. And they’ve gone cold and you want to reignite that.

Liz: [00:07:12] So some people will say oh it’s a little less creepy because LinkedIn is it’s totally cold like you’ve never theoretically met the person before whereas again Facebook it’s there there’s been some interaction there before.

Conclusion: New Respect for Messenger Ads

Liz: [00:07:23] So these are a couple examples of how Facebook Messenger can be used. And I will say I’m not a fan of Messenger. I actually, anytime that I’m personally tagged in a post on Facebook or in a group you know and somebody is referring me at Hersh PR for a project, I have a pretty quick process, a pretty quick system in place to get them away from Messenger. And you know lead them to either a phone call or my personal inbox.

Liz: [00:07:53]I do that because it’s easier for me to manage. But digging into a lot of this and seeing all that you can do with Messenger, I’m pretty impressed. And even on the B2B side of things. You know I was initially going at this thinking, Wow! OK, I can definitely see how B2C businesses you know product based you know e-commerce sites could utilize this and really drive sales. But I definitely see some B2B potential here as well. So I’ll have to get around & play with that a little bit more for myself.

Sandro: [00:08:27] I personally don’t use messenger either but I know for a lot of our clients we see customer service being done on Messenger. They use messenger to message businesses and find out what’s open, what your specials may be. Or just any kinds of questions like that. So this may be a good way to retarget them obviously.

Liz: [00:08:46] Definitely yeah. And a lot of the research I did for this episode, a lot of the articles talked about just the importance of: one people going to chat based communication. They would prefer that as opposed to a phone call. And they spoke a lot about how quickly or how important respond, a quick response time is. I think you know if you don’t respond within five minutes like your chance of engaging that lead goes down by like 400 percent or something. I didn’t want to get into a whole conversation about chat bots. Yeah cause that’s a whole other episode. We could chat about that for sure but. I will say I’m glad I got into all of this and did the research for this episode because I do have a whole new perspective on Facebook Messenger and I can see the value of it.

Liz: [00:09:32] I will also say that again as I was testing and playing around with it and I and as I actually got into my Messenger. . . Because I was telling Sandro you know I had never seen ads in Messenger like what. Like really? Like I know they’re there I mean I do that I you know I check or uncheck the box for client campaigns all the time. But I’m like “I don’t think I’ve ever even seen an ad in Messenger or I never really paid attention.” But once I’ve started to pay attention I will say that the ads were pretty well targeted.

Liz: [00:10:00] I saw an ad for Kabbage that lending entity. And I was impressed because I get stuff in the mail you know in my in my P.O. Box or my office mailbox at work. I get stuff for Kabbage you know and then seeing the digital ad and it’s like what boom! There you go! That’s that’s why you do a multi-channel campaign. Because you have to reach people in multiple ways. I was impressed with the targeting is my point.

Where Do Ads Appear?

Sandro: [00:10:27] And was it a big ad. Was it a little ad was it. I don’t know. I shouldn’t say this but I don’t have Messenger on my phone.

Liz: [00:10:33] Yeah. It took up a decent amount of real estate. You know it as I was scrolling through I think at one point it probably took up a good 70 percent of my screen.

Sandro: [00:10:43] And it doesn’t appear in your messages it appears in your list of people who sent you messages. Correct?

Liz: [00:10:50] For me that’s what I saw. But again like some of the options we talked about you can you can deliver something directly to someone.

Not for Everyone

Liz: [00:10:57] So I saw a lot of great potential with advertising within Messenger. Again, I don’t think it’s for a newbie. I think it’s definitely for a business who has a really good understanding of their target market and what’s going to drive them to take action. For example if you’re an e-commerce website and you know that shopping cart abandonment is a big it’s a big thing you probably might have a reengagement email campaign that you’ve tested and you know it works. And you could take those same concepts and apply them to Messenger for example.

Liz: [00:11:31] So yeah again, not for the newbie I these types of campaigns I think we’ll take a little bit more thought and planning. But if you do them right and you continue to work on them and refine the process I can see really good results.

Sandro: [00:11:46] Next-Level advertising basically.

Liz: [00:11:48] Absolutely.

Sandro: [00:11:50] Alright, well thank you very much Liz this is awesome. I’ve never looked into Facebook Messenger ads so this is a great primer for that. Thank you very much Liz and thank you for joining us. We are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can find there if you have any questions. As well as our e-mail address which we’ll leave in our show notes. We would love to answer your questions give you a shout out and a link to your site. You’ll find us wherever you find your favorite podcasts iTunes and Google Podcast. We’d love a review, if you like what you hear. Thank you again for joining us and we will see you next time.