Recently FB stopped letting marketers edit the picture, headline and descriptions of link previews! This is kind of frustrating for many of us, but today Sandro goes over a couple of ways to continue to do this (at least for the time being) and also goes over why Facebook decided to do this.

Episode 0260

Facebook Removes Ability to Edit Link Previews

Liz: [00:00:07] Hey there, welcome back to 60 Second Marketing, I’m Liz Hersh and I’m here with my co-host Sandro Galindo. We are back after a brief hiatus and we are excited to bring you some more social media Web site and digital marketing tips and tricks in the time it takes to enjoy your morning cup of tea. Today Sandro has an update on Facebook and how the link preview edits have changed and what you can do to make sure that you are still able to customize your Facebook posts.

Sandro: [00:00:33] Thanks Liz. I titled this “Facebook Rant” in my notes because it is a little upsetting to me but as of a few weeks ago I noticed I could no longer edit link previews on Facebook. So what I mean by that is if you as a Facebook business page share a link let’s say you want to share BuzzFeed article “21 guys you thought were hot in the 90s and what they look like now.” So you copy the link, paste it on your Facebook page and the picture that pops up is Luke Perry but you want Joey from Friends because he’s your favorite. Well in the past you can always pop in a picture of Joey and take out Luke Perry’s pic. In addition you could edit the headline say something like “21 guys you thought were hot and the hottest of all Joey from Friends”. Whatever you wanted. Well now you can no longer edit that picture or the headline. It’s not a glitch. Facebook has stated they are doing this because of fake news. Apparently people were posting news stories from CNN or wherever and re-writing the headline. So let’s say someone shared a story about gas prices. They could edit the headline to say “Strawberry blonde cheerleaders are being deported.” We’d click to find out how much longer before strawberry blinds were going to be deported and you’d come upon a story on gas prices. So I understand why they did this but it’s still a setback for the Ethical marketer who loved editing pictures and headlines. However there is a work around. I learned about this weekend.

Sandro: [00:01:52] There’s actually one and a half work arounds and FYI, who knows how long these will continue to work. But here they are. First one works all the way. You can create an ad in ads manager and you can share the link in there when you’re creating an ad and it will let you edit the headline and the picture. It will then go into review where Facebook will approve the headline and the picture and launch. Y ou can then stop the ad before it starts. Your post will still post but you won’t pay a penny. And again you can edit both the headline and the picture. The second way is easier but you can only edit the headline and the description. And that is to pop the link into the update status box. And instead of hitting “publish” you’d hit “save draft.” From there you can go into your drafts bring up your post and then hit edit, and you’ll be able somehow magically be able to edit the headline from there. That’s it. If you are someone who edits pictures and headlines like I do these tips will hopefully help you continue to do so at least as long as, til Facebook realizes this one is a problem too.

Liz: [00:02:53] So I have a lot of mixed feelings about this because I love what Facebook is doing to cut down on fake news but it’s definitely going to make our job a lot harder. So, we’ll report back and see how this goes over the next couple weeks and months for sure. That wraps up today’s episode. Thanks for joining us. Don’t forget to subscribe on your favorite podcast app, join the conversation at the 60 Second Marketing Facebook group and leave us a review because we would love to hear from you. Thanks so much and we’ll see you next time.