Sandro & Liz go reiterate why you should be updating your Google My Business (GMB) profile and discuss an exciting new development in the Google Q&A portion of GMB.

Sandro mentions our Google Q&A episode which can be found here.

Episode 0280

Google My Business and Q&A Update

Liz: [00:00:03] Hello. Welcome back to Liz & Sandro’s Marketing Podcast. We chat about social media, Reputation Management, website, SEO and so much more. Today we are diving into some Google My Business updates.

Sandro: [00:00:17] So this is a Google My Business episode and one of the things we want to talk about is that how happy I am that this week this last week in March as we’re recording this. Google is now notifying you of questions and answers. So we’ve talked about Google q and a for, in a past episode we’ll link to that episode. But basically it’s when people google your business. One of the things Google offers on the side panel is “would you like to ask a question about this business?” And then the Google community as a whole they get points that they answer more questions they answer so people are always looking for questions to answer in a knowledgeable way and then you get up votes. Things like that. So for the longest time since this has been going on for months and months and months every Monday was the day that we would go in and look at all of our clients Google listings and see look for new questions and answer these questions properly.

Liz: [00:01:06] Now you did that once a week like you had that time set aside every Monday to do that.

Sandro: [00:01:10] That’s right. Some weeks we wouldn’t get to it til Wednesday. But basically once a week because we didn’t want A) horrible questions out there that we would have to report and get booted off inappropriate questions on there to linger too long. And B) we didn’t want wrong answers to linger on there.

Liz: [00:01:25] That makes sense

Sandro: [00:01:27] Now Google is emailing you right away as soon as someone asks a question. I went to Liz’s page. . .

Liz: [00:01:33] Yeah, Sandro went to the Hersh PR and Marketing Google My Business Page tossed out a question. I got the notification so soon as were done recording I can go in and answer it.

Sandro: [00:01:42] Correct. But not only that they’ll notify you what I’m saying is when other people answer the question. So one of our clients is a movie theater and this morning I got an e-mail saying “someone asked Does this movie theater have reclining seats?” And I didn’t have time to answer this morning but two hours later I checked my e-mail and someone answered, “no they do not. They have stadium seating but not reclining seats.” And they were right. So that’s good. I’m glad I’m going to let it go now. I don’t have to go in there and answer it because somebody else did.

Liz: [00:02:07] Well, that’s convenient. They answered your question right.

Sandro: [00:02:12] They did! And Liz I know you’re a big Google photo person you get lots of points.

Liz: [00:02:15] I do. I like to take photos wherever I’m at and you upload them to Google my business page and some of mine have accumulated a lot of views. So it’s exciting.

Sandro: [00:02:29] The name of the program where Google gives you points for leaving reviews and answering questions is the Google Local Guide service. But just know that you should sign up for it. It’s a lot of fun. I think Liz has a ton of points because of her photography.

Liz: [00:02:43] I do!

Sandro: [00:02:43] But in addition to this, Liz recently attempted to log in to one of her client’s accounts on a Tuesday and then on the next day… well, Liz you tell this.

Liz: [00:02:53] Yeah, so Tuesday of this week I logged in to one of my law firm client’s Google My Business accounts. I wanted to add just to clarify what type of legal services they provided. And this particular company was women led. That’s a new attribute that you can click. So women owned businesses make sure you go into Google and update that. But anyways

Sandro: [00:03:16] To Google My Business.

Liz: [00:03:17] Yeah, into my business and click that attribute. I also could say it was an it was an auto populate feature but I could start to type in some of the areas of law that they provide and select from a dropdown. You know, clicked save. Great. I was pumped. You know the profile was done ready to go. Next day on Wednesday I go in to a different law firm’s Google My Business Account.

Sandro: [00:03:42] Client?

Liz: [00:03:42] Yes, clients. And that option was not there. I saw something different rather than selecting from a preset list of services and it was just you know just the service that was all. There is a whole new Services section where I can add a section and then beneath the section I can add a specific item. So again in this case I could break it out by estate planning, Medicaid planning, business law. It gives me the opportunity to include I think what is it, a thousand words. I can add a price. So my point being is over the course of two days I logged in to two separate Google My Business profiles. They just happened to be both legal but I logged into two separate profiles and saw two completely different things. Sandro’s been keeping tabs on a lot of these Google My Business updates and I think we’re seeing just over a matter of maybe 24 hours. You know they’re rolling out and I’m very intrigued with the second Google My Business profile being being able to go in and include so much detail about these services. I’m excited to go and do this for all of the other Google My Business profiles we offer. Because I’ve got to think that this is just going to be more content for Google to crawl more places for descriptive keywords that are going to be relevant in search results. So I think this could be a good thing.

Sandro: [00:05:03] I can’t believe that you can now add pricing. What is it per hour for your attorney fees?

Liz: [00:05:09] Well I left that blank. In this particular case because it says item price in U.S. dollars so this could be maybe geared more towards a restaurant or a movie theater or you know some. . . a product based business.

Sandro: [00:05:23] Or a friend of mine went through bankruptcy and the bankruptcy attorney said this is the fee.

Liz: [00:05:28] Yeah flat fee service. Yeah. That’s a good point.

Sandro: [00:05:31] Or, another one with a DUI but whatever, I have too many crazy friends. But, so A) reminder to everyone go to you Google My Business at least once a month or if you’re an agency I’m sure they’re doing it at least once or twice a month and just see what’s new there. The women led business option was something that I saw on a news article and it just came out a month ago and I went through four of my clients are women owned and I checked that box just to let everybody know.

Liz: [00:05:56] Yeah and so you, you emailed me.

Sandro: [00:05:58] I did. That’s right.

Liz: [00:05:59] And I actually still need to go to my network because I’m a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners so I need to tell all of my fellow women biz owners to go update their profiles.

Sandro: [00:06:10] As well you should. There’s a lot of changes. . . Restaurants a r e allowed to put menus. And now with this pricing option so Liz all this speaks to what we mentioned a couple of weeks ago Google doesn’t want you to leave Google? Is that what it is?

Liz: [00:06:24] They don’t. They clearly want you to stay on their platform as long as possible. They don’t even want they don’t even want you going to a restaurant’s Web site to look at a menu they want you to spend as much time on their site as possible.

Sandro: [00:06:39] And one of the dangers in this of course is all the data you’re feeding Google and that’s something we’ll talk about in an episode next week. So look for that in a future episode. But

Liz: [00:06:46] Yes we are going to be getting into data and privacy in a future episode.

Sandro: [00:06:50] Correct. So maybe that’s one of the reasons Google wants to stay on there because you’re not clicking on anything. So they’re not getting any revenue from that. But I cannot do without my Google Maps which I just learned keeps track of every place I’ve been to. But we’ll talk about.

Liz: [00:07:03] We’ll talk about that yeah.

Sandro: [00:07:04] So bottom line go to your Google My Business and see all the cool new things happening there. The Web site is business dot Google dot com. We’ll have a link on the show notes.

Liz: [00:07:14] Yeah, and also because we are recording leading up to the Easter holiday. Remember to mark when you’re closed for a holiday.

Sandro: [00:07:23] Memorial Day is the next big one I believe.

Liz: [00:07:25] Yeah, Memorial Day. And July 4th this year is in the middle of the work week I think is on Wednesday.

Sandro: [00:07:31] Of course the all important Cinco de Mayo.

Liz: [00:07:33] Of course. That’s on a Saturday though. The point being make sure you keep your Google My Business profile updated because that’s really really important.

Sandro: [00:07:40] As we learned from Liz being in France and going to a winery . . .

Liz: [00:07:43] And not being able to go to the big champagne house which was it? It was Dom Perignon? Or Moet? I can’t remember now.

Sandro: [00:07:51] You were were there. I wasn’t even there.

Liz: [00:07:53] Well that wraps up today’s episode. Thank you for joining us. Don’t forget to subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Join us on social media you can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Send us an e-mail with questions or comments. We’d love to give you a shout out on the show. Thanks again for joining and we’ll see you next time.