If you’re looking for a new way to engage w your fans on Instagram, we have good news for you. Instagram has added polls to their Stories features. Today Liz goes over what they are and how they can help your small business!

Episode 0268

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Instagram Stories’ New Polls Feature

Sandro: [00:00:03] Welcome to 60 Second Marketing. My name is Sandro Galindo & I’m here with my co-host Liz Hersh. Together we’re the podcast that helps your small business grow through reputation management, SEO, social media and so much more all in the time it takes to go through the self checkout at the grocery store. Today Liz is going to tell us all about the new polls feature in Instagram stories.

Liz: [00:00:22] If you’ve been hoping for a better way to engage with followers on Instagram well we have good news for you. They recently unveiled a Poll feature within stories. It’s pretty basic but it can certainly be powerful. I’m not going to go through the steps on how to create a poll here you can find a number of tutorials online but I do want to point out a few things to keep in mind as you start to play around with this feature. First remember that it is very simple. Essentially you’re going to be asking “yes” or “no” questions. So something like: Which sweater do you like better? Red or blue? So you won’t be getting tons of deep insight from your followers at least not yet. So keep that in mind.

Liz: [00:01:02] You’ll also want to turn on notifications within your Instagram app so you can see the results as they come in. Just kind of keep tabs on what’s going on. Maybe even add to the story add to the conversation as those votes are coming through.

Liz: [00:01:18] My third point is to set a reminder for yourself about 23 hours after you publish your poll. Remember that Instagram Stories are only live for 24 hours so when the story disappears so do the results of your poll. It would really suck if you were 12 hours into your story getting good results and you just completely forgot to take a quick screenshot of your results right at that 23/24 hour mark so just some things to keep in mind this is still pretty new. I’m just starting to see it being used to play around with it for myself so as it evolves we will share our additional insight with you.

Sandro: [00:01:56] Thanks so much Liz. It’s a fun way for business owners to engage their customers and thank you so much for joining us. You can find us on our Web site and our Facebook group as well as Twitter & Instagram. If you like what you hear, we’d love a review if you have a question about your small business’ online marketing send it to us, we’ll give you a shout out. And add a link on our web site. E-mail address and links are in the show notes. Thanks again for joining us. We will see you next time.