As Liz continues her journey to a new website, she answers a common question: How often should you overhaul your company’s website?

Episode 0225

How Often Should You Overhaul Your Website?

Sandro: [00:00:03] Welcome to 60 second marketing my name is Sandro Galindo, I’m here with my co-host Liz Hersh. We’re the daily podcast that gives some ideas on your reputation management, SEO and all things digital marketing in less time than it takes to make your morning coffee. Today Liz is going to tell us how often should you overhaul your website.

Liz: [00:00:22] I think if you’re diligent about making some updates to her Web site you’re going to be in a position where your website will last at least a few years. What do I mean by diligently making updates. Well obviously you’re going to want to update your blog on a consistent basis. You’re also going to want to periodically run keyword research and understand where you rank and what new keywords you should be utilizing throughout your site. As your industry and your business evolves, you’ll also want to make updates to your services pages and your “about us” or company page. These are things you should be doing quarterly if not every other month when you set aside the time to make these edits, your site is going to be more relevant to you to your potential clients and to search engines. You’ll also avoid being in a position where it’s been a year since you’ve updated your site and now you completely hate it. And you want a total overhaul. I think in general you should be prepared for some pretty significant changes to your site every few years maybe three or four years. You want your Web site to look fresh and have a strong user experience and have the things that consumers want to see out of a Web site. These things evolve. So don’t think that your web site is a one and done project and you won’t have to touch it for five years. Make sure you have a plan in place to keep it updated with relevant business and industry content. And I think you’ll find that your web site, like I said will last a good three or four years before you need a total overhaul.

Sandro: [00:01:49] Thanks Liz. I love this advice if you know if you’re asking yourself Should I update my Web site? if it’s looking a little stale, then it probably is time. Thank you for joining us. You will find us where you find your favorite podcast and if you like what you hear we would love a review. We’re also on Twitter, Instagram and our Facebook group. If you have a question we’d love to hear it answer and give you a shout out. The email address and links are in the show notes. Thanks again for joining us. We’ll see you next time.