With most clients it’s tough to secure enough content for a website. Recently Liz had the opposite problem, a client provided an overwhelming amount of content.

In today’s episode Liz discusses the potential perils of overwhelming a potential customer w your website.

Episode 0254

What Is the Role of Your Website in the Selling Process?

Sandro: [00:00:04] Welcome to 60 second marketing I’m Sandro Galindo and along with my co-host Liz Hersh we are the only podcast that delivers digital marketing help in areas of Web sites, SEO, reputation management and so much more in less time than it takes to pay a toll booth with cash. Today Liz will tell us what is the role of your Web site in the selling process.

Liz: [00:00:25] I’m working on a Web site redevelopment project and this is one of those rare instances where the client provides a ton of content for us to use. With most projects it’s like pulling teeth to get any insight. I mean, we write the content on behalf of our clients. But but just getting any insight can be a challenge sometime. But with this particular client they provided a ton of content and I could see us quickly falling into a trap that many service based businesses fall into. And this is where you really have to remember where your web site fits into the selling process. So at the top of the sales funnel providing educational information via your blog is really important. You know I consider this to be general information about the services you provide the industry and what consumers should start to consider. I mean at that point I think it’s absolutely okay to include tons of information but when web site visitors move away from your blog and they start to explore some of your specific services, I am not a fan of listing every single detail about your service or a bundle of services. Most of the time it ends up being a laundry list of features. And I think you really run the risk of the potential client thinking, “OK do I really want to hire them? Can I do this myself? Could I find someone cheaper.

Liz: [00:01:49] The point I’m trying to make is rather than go overboard and list all of the details of the features, focus on the benefits and push them to schedule a consultation with you and you can continue the selling process because again your website is just one step in the selling process. Obviously this is this whole episode is geared towards service based businesses not so much for you know a product based business or a restaurant. Think very carefully about the journey that the customer or potential customer is going to take. Give them the right information at the right time. Dont overload them with useless information when they’re probably making some tough decisions about whether or not they want to call you. And dont forget that some of that face to face selling is is really important if you’re a service based business.

Sandro: [00:02:36] Great point Liz, the majority of the people visiting your website on a mobile phone and many times are just at a traffic stop. So you need to get your point across quickly. You don’t need to oversell them. There’s opportunity to do that later on if you need to. Thanks for those points, Liz and thank you for joining us. You’ll find us where you find your favorite podcast if you like what you hear we’d love a review. You’ll also find us on Twitter, Instagram, our Facebook group and now our new Web site. 60 second marketing dot net. Thanks again. And we will see you next time.