The third episode in our series on how to optimize your message for various online channels. Today Liz goes over optimizing for Twitter!

Episode 0249

Tips For Customizing Your Twitter Message

Sandro: [00:00:06] Welcome to another episode of 60 second marketing I’m Sandro Galindo here with my co-host Liz Hersh. Together we are here to help your small business grow with tips and tricks in the digital marketing world in the time it takes to make your grocery shopping list. Today Liz is going to give us tips to optimize your message on Twitter.

Liz: [00:00:25] This is Episode 3 in our series about how to customize your message for different social channels. Today we’re chatting Twitter. We always want to be mindful of each platform. It’s super easy just to copy and paste a message but you don’t want to do that. You have to be very mindful of who you’re reaching and how it’s being said. So just in case there are any Twitter newbies out there I will let you know that there is a character limit on Twitter 140 characters is pretty short. You do have to be pretty quick pretty snappy. I like to think of crafting Twitter messages as a good exercise in creating snappy headlines and I enjoy it because I have a background in journalism so it comes pretty natural to me. One thing to keep in mind or one suggestion I have is when you have a piece of content draft a couple different options you know two three maybe four ways that you want to communicate the message. Pick the best ones even pick the best two and keep those in your content rotation. The other thing that I recommend on Twitter is to really highlight when something is new. Twitter is very fast paced. The people who are on Twitter want the latest and greatest. So if you have a new piece of content make sure you highlight that. Don’t be afraid to showcase that. In terms of the pace of Twitter you can be that account that’s posting five six seven times a day. Or you can be a little bit more sporadic about it and just do once twice a day.

Liz: [00:01:53] Either way keep it short keep it simple. The other thing that I recommend is you do have 140 characters but try to keep it around 100 characters. That’s just going to make it very easy to re-tweet. People are going to be more engaged with the shorter content.

Liz: [00:02:10] The other thing with Twitter is hashtags are used but don’t go overboard. Sandro and I have found that you can go overboard with hashtags on Instagram and that seems to work. But on Twitter keep it to you know two or three max. Again you don’t have a ton of room. So one two or three hashtags is more than enough. I know that there are a lot of people that struggle with Twitter. I don’t know that it’s my favorite social channel anymore but there’s people still using it. So you’ve got to look at it you’ve got to take a look at Twitter and see if it’s going to be an effective way to reach your audience. And if it is you can use these terms to really hone your message.

Sandro: [00:02:52] I disagree. I actually love Twitter and it’s still my favorite platform. But there are but there are fewer and fewer of us it seems unfortunately. But thank you so much for those tips Liz and I agree it’s something you should look at. And if you think it’s can help you sell or provide more services then definitely run with it because there’s a lot of us out there who love it and consume it many times a day.

Sandro: [00:03:15] And thank you for joining us. If you’d like what you hear we love a review, we’re on Twitter of course, Instagram and have our very own Facebook group. If you have a question you’d like answered shoot us an e-mail links an e-mail address or in the show notes. Thank you for joining us and we’ll see you next time.