Liz answers a common question small businesses have when starting out w their email marketing campaigns and goes over what to do to help you avoid a high bounce rate.

Episode 0250

What Is an Email Bounce Rate

Sandro: [00:00:05] Welcome to another episode of 60 second marketing I’m Sandro Galindo along with Liz Hersh we are here to help your small business grow with tips and ideas in the digital marketing world in the time it takes to put your workout clothes on. Today Liz is going to be explaining to us what an email bounce rate is.

Liz: [00:00:25] I recently recorded a few episodes on email marketing stats and there was one in particular that I wanted to explain a little further. That’s the bounce rate an email bounces when it can’t be delivered to or receiving email address. And there are a couple types of bounces hard bounces or soft bounces. A hard bounce thats up a permanent delivery failure. This could be because of an invalid email an outdated domain or an email address thats just no longer used. Soft bounces on the other hand are temporary delivery failures and these can occur for a couple of different reasons. There may be just a temporary issue with the server. Maybe the recipients inbox is full or the email is too large to be delivered. So again those are just a couple of reasons why soft bounces and hard bounces occur.

Liz: [00:01:19] So what can you do to avoid this. First thing you want to consider is if your email list had a lot of errors perhaps you recently imported a bunch of email addresses into your system and there was a formatting error that you need to correct. That’s obviously a very simple fix. You should also consider the age of your list. Is your list very new. Are these email addresses that you’ve been collecting over the past 10 years. Maybe the addresses are stale there could be a lot of factors at play here. And the best advice that I can give is to stay active with your email campaigns and continually share interesting content that’s going to engage our audience and also don’t be afraid to do what I like to call subscriber list Clean-Up. Doing this from time to time is a good idea because sometimes it’s just time to say goodbye to some of your subscribers who just are no longer interested in your content. And it’s OK to do a scrub and delete a certain portion of your list.

Liz: [00:02:17] And finally you may have just had bad data. One thing we’ve said before and it’s definitely worth repeating. Don’t buy email lists. It’s really best to build your list over time through your website and through your social channels. This way you can be sure that the individuals who are subscribed to your list actually want to hear from you. So bounce rate clients can get worked up about it. It’s Bowers’s happen but hopefully these couple of tips today will help you keep it managed and under control.

Sandro: [00:02:50] Thanks Liz. I know a lot of people are concerned about their bounce rates not just on Web sites but also e-mail and I totally forgot that email had its own bounce rate. Thank you for explaining that to us.

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